Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hypnotized Monkey Art Opening Party pics

Saturday Night  THE FIFTH GALLERY hosted the Osborne:Hypnotized Monkey art opening. Great folk came through, Rick Osborne painted live, and all in all good times.

If you missed the opening you will have until August 27th to check the show out, as it will be hanging for a few more weeks.
Awesome color, Ive always been a fan of Osborne's sense of color.
Rick starting on the live art piece.

Birthday gal Hannah and her friend Monica

Saw this colse to the gallery--these are new parking meters put up by the city...a day old, and already tagged....something tells me we will see a lot of these decorated soon

Airica of Mofoz Visualz holding it down

Finished art piece. Awesome!!! jamming octupi (plural of octopus i think)

the homie john gomi

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