Thursday, February 25, 2010

We are on a reality show....sorta

CREW 54 dropped by last week to lace some raps on the ONE TAKE mixtape vol 2, as well as popped in to check out the Freestyle Battles we had....check out their video down below here. Be sure to check their site, as they update with video blogs almost weekly....and now its in HD.....check it check it out.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


MARCH 12th..a lil pre SXSW goodness to get it started

FIFTH GALLERY and MOFOZ VISUALZ will be in the house for this sine show..prolly with some live painting action.
..swing through and check us out early for some free dranks!!

Last Thursday at ACES

The Word Up Wednesday Alumni got together for a show at Aces this past week to do what we do...bring the hot music and art to the masses...heres some pics of some of what went down.

Marc of Mofoz Visualz doing live painting
FRANK 151 books
Live Art by DEFORM
More live painting
Phranchyze 1 wrecking mic

Art by Marc Zuazua

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Freestyle battles at The FIFTH GALLERY...this should be cool. Come through and check out some raw emcees eating and being eaten

Corpus, art, culture..all that good stuff

Traversed to Corpus Christi last week for an art show with the homie Rick Osborne who had a show lined up at House of Rock for the ARTWALK. It was pouring rain and the turnout was still pretty decent...not so bad. I had a chance to hang out with some old friends as well as show some art and work on some new paintings, so all in all ..good times.
Heres some Flicks.
We now have digital prints of various paintings that are no longer available for sale....get you some
Art by Marc Zuazua
Rick Osborne worked on this painting that was raffled off later that evening..."Death of Music 2010"
Finished "Death of Music 2010"
I was working on these custom Pumas at the show
Old school Mofoz Mike and Alisa holding it down
Projections of time lapse videos of paintings by Osborne were on display the whole evening.
After the show we went down a few blocks to see what i think was the grand opening of PRODUCE...which from what I gather is 1 part boutique, 1 part gallery, and 1 part Music Studio...a really cool place that I would never think to see that far down in South Texas.

I couldnt find out who ran in...or who to pay for merch so we came back the day 3 times....customer service is not their we knocked on the windows multiple times and the people insiode just looked up at us and went back to work...aanyways..we finally knocked hard enough one time and had someone answer the door.

The shop part of it is filled with the usual suspects"streetwear brands" The Hundreds and Kid Robot and A Bathing Ape...which was eh, but I suppose its a start for a city that hasnt seen real streetwear almost ever.

After looking through some racks I found some local brand called Blockhead which was I scooped one. Their vinyl selection was awesome though, and the buildout was real clean and lighted...thats whats up.
heres some flicks
Heres what the door looks like...we were in front of it for a bit so I have a fondness for it now.
KAWS bearbrick
These LIVESTRONG AF 1's were nice

KAWS Darth Vader

KAWS Companion
While in Downtown Corpus we also ventured into ABOVE COMMON. Above Common is an independent streetwear brand that stocks both their own line of Tees and other cool brands such as Diamond I believe. The shop also carries some nice fitted caps as well as skateboard decks, magazines and cool books.
..anywho--heres some shots.
Above Common
Fitted Caps by FRANK 151

Painting by Above Common

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ONE TAKE live mixtape volume 2 FEBRUARY 18 2010

ONE TAKE live mixtape is coming at you webcast live from THE FIFTH GALLERY...yet again!
FEB 18 2010 9pm-10pm Central Time.

This 2nd edition of the mixtape series will feature Austin MC's Dubb Sicks, CREW 54, Japanese Jesus, and Lowkey of SOUTHBOUND.
DJ JAZZ ONE will be providing beats.

The event will be webcast at 9pm central time. 
OFFSHOOT MEDIA will be in the house to shoot the information coming soon for the webcast...stay tuned

Video of ONE TAKE live Mixtape

Heres the Video from last months edition of the ONE TAKE MIXTAPE live from THe FIFTH GALLERY in Downtown austin.

This first edition included DJ Jazz One on the tables as well as Phranchyze, Tee Double, Zeale, and Orion on the mic. Big Ups to OFFSHOOT MEDIA for the video and editing of this.

Look out for Vol 2 of ONE TAKE this Friday at 9pm- we will have the music and action webcast. This Month will include MC's such as LowKey from Southbound, Dubb Sicks, Crew 54, and more.

Live Mixtape at Fifth Gallery - Part 1 from mofoz visualz on Vimeo.

Live Mixtape at Fifth Gallery - Part 2 from mofoz visualz on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thursday February 18th at ACES...we'll be repping

ONCE AGAIN ITS ON...The Word Up Wednesday Alumni are back with a better venue and some fresh faces for the new hip hop show Thursday at Aces Lounge. Check out hip hop/r&B band In the Pink, Hip hoppers Tee Double, Phranchyze, AUX and DJ Rock Well while Deform and Mofoz Visualz create live art. THE FIFTH GALLERY will also have merch available at the show....come through and check iyt out...18 and up

Thursday, February 11, 2010


THE FIFTH will be closed this weekend as we will be in both Corpus Christi and Louisianna ...respectively....we will be back on Sunday..check back for details.

click to make larger

We will be repping THE FIFTH GALLERY in Corpus Christi at House Of Rock for the OSBORNE LIVE ART SHOW.
The show will feature live art from artist Rick Osborne, who we susbequently also show many of his works at THE FIFTH.

Other artists include Marc Zuazua of Mofoz Visualz, Jessica Grummond, Steve Tomkins, Patrick Richards, Servando Hinojosa, Jared Miranda, and Eddie Herrerra.

Multimedia projections courtesy of
We will have art to show, possibly be doing a live piece, and have fifth gallery merch in if you are in South Texas--drop through and see whats the haps.

The show will be on February 11th from 5:30-8:30pm

Monday, February 8, 2010

South Austin Soul RENT.

South Austin Soul is Austin's newest...for lack of a better word...creative compound. The large space allows the non-profit to showcase and network artists, musicians, videographers, dancers...and well pretty much any type of creatives. The space allows for workshops, a concert venue, an art gallery, a meeting place, and studio space. The project is headed by Fifth Gallery artist, John Weber who is becoming quickly known for his Stainless Steel kinetic sculpture work. This is a great opportunity for us at THE FIFTH as well, because we now have gallery and wall space to present art from past shows and artists that we just could not house at the gallery due to think of this as the long arm of THE extension of sorts.

Anyways-we helped out with their "RENT" party this past week and snapped some shots. The art was great..probably well over 20 artists were represented on many walls. Raffle prizes included a John Weber sculpture piece, Marc Zuazua Prints, original paintings and a sweet old school record player with a huge case courtesy of Far Out Furnishings.

Music was provided by many great local bands, hip hop acts, and DJ's. heres some pics. The spot is located on Manchaca and S.Lamar directly behind Far Out Furnishings.

Gotta get that rent
KB the Boo Bonic laced the microphone as she promoted her upcoming CD, SCARS ARE SEXY

Can't remember this guys name but the rockabilly was pretty damn awesome, too bad i didnt get any cool action shots of the Bassist  jamming on his stand up bass.
DJ WINGMAN (The Cali Kid) and KB The Boo Bonic
Guests and patrons
Organizational Coordinator Extraordinaire , Amber Guesa
Dubb Sicks brought the gritty hip hop vibe into the show, and Im not mad at that

This guy was a singer for the rock band THE HOODRATS...real cool performance, Im glad I had a chance to see them, hopefully we can catch them again at some point.

DJ Wingman keeping the beats hotWingman is in Austin from San Jose, California where he heads up DJ classes as an afterschool program for high school kids.