Thursday, February 18, 2010

Corpus, art, culture..all that good stuff

Traversed to Corpus Christi last week for an art show with the homie Rick Osborne who had a show lined up at House of Rock for the ARTWALK. It was pouring rain and the turnout was still pretty decent...not so bad. I had a chance to hang out with some old friends as well as show some art and work on some new paintings, so all in all ..good times.
Heres some Flicks.
We now have digital prints of various paintings that are no longer available for sale....get you some
Art by Marc Zuazua
Rick Osborne worked on this painting that was raffled off later that evening..."Death of Music 2010"
Finished "Death of Music 2010"
I was working on these custom Pumas at the show
Old school Mofoz Mike and Alisa holding it down
Projections of time lapse videos of paintings by Osborne were on display the whole evening.
After the show we went down a few blocks to see what i think was the grand opening of PRODUCE...which from what I gather is 1 part boutique, 1 part gallery, and 1 part Music Studio...a really cool place that I would never think to see that far down in South Texas.

I couldnt find out who ran in...or who to pay for merch so we came back the day 3 times....customer service is not their we knocked on the windows multiple times and the people insiode just looked up at us and went back to work...aanyways..we finally knocked hard enough one time and had someone answer the door.

The shop part of it is filled with the usual suspects"streetwear brands" The Hundreds and Kid Robot and A Bathing Ape...which was eh, but I suppose its a start for a city that hasnt seen real streetwear almost ever.

After looking through some racks I found some local brand called Blockhead which was I scooped one. Their vinyl selection was awesome though, and the buildout was real clean and lighted...thats whats up.
heres some flicks
Heres what the door looks like...we were in front of it for a bit so I have a fondness for it now.
KAWS bearbrick
These LIVESTRONG AF 1's were nice

KAWS Darth Vader

KAWS Companion
While in Downtown Corpus we also ventured into ABOVE COMMON. Above Common is an independent streetwear brand that stocks both their own line of Tees and other cool brands such as Diamond I believe. The shop also carries some nice fitted caps as well as skateboard decks, magazines and cool books.
..anywho--heres some shots.
Above Common
Fitted Caps by FRANK 151

Painting by Above Common

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