Tuesday, August 4, 2009

THE FIFTH at Kid Cudi/Asher Roth Afterparty

Heres some pictures from last weeks Kid Cudi/Asher Rosh afterparty where the homies Phranchyze with Black Rodeo, Zeale and Shashamani Sound System performed. I was painting with Rick Osborne of Hypnotized Monkey and THE FIFTH GALLERY was set up with the homie Tripp of TRIPP CUSTOMS.

We got to Stubb's after 6th street margaritas and were luckily able to catch the end of Asher Roth's set. I admittedly have not heard much of him aside from his single and my newly favorite B.O.B vs Bobby Ray mixtape where he shines as a cameo...but besides that all I've heard is alot of dwindling, whoring, needing a bail out type of commercial media hype...who we both know doesnt stack up to much, both literally...and the other way too...but seriously this dude killed the set, he had the huge crowd at attention and having fun. Kris Krishna jumped on photos and got some cool panned out action of the crowd that had some of the ladies in attendance as part of the show.
We were pretty stoked to see the drummer for Asher Roth wearing one of our tees. Our popular but very short run "Biggest Baddest Mofoz" Sho-Nuff tee (aptly enough only SMALL size still available). I remember both him and Roth's DJ, Wreckineyez visiting the FIFTH GALLERY during SXSW week .Big Ups and thanks for the support.
Zeale hanging out at the Asher Roth show

"...and after the party theres the afterparty"R.Kelly

Karthik Manjeri of Hour Band playing in with Black Rodeo
Rick Osborne of Hypnotized Monkey preparing to paint
Zeale performing with DJ Markus
Marc of Mofoz Visualz obviously ready to paint

Phranchyze 1 customizes everything..everything? nah...errrything

The homie Rhonda was in attendance in her Mofoz Visualz painted Fila's. Real nice, we hadn't seen these in months, they still looked brand new.

Airica took these shots of Phranchyze, killing it.
TRIPP CUSTOMS was on hand with custom ZEALE tees and caps.

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