Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fridays at The Fifth JAMS!!!

Heres proof. Our weekly open jam session is really starting to get popular, we had a lot of cool folk come through to hang out and listen, and a lot of talented musicians that plugged in and played. This marathon jam session went from 9:30 to  past 4 in the morning. We knew it was time to wrap it up when the street sweepers rolled by. Anyways-heres some pics.
Karthik of HOUR BAND

Steel sculpture by John Weber

Aaron of BLACK RODEO and his bro Joe sharing the drum kit
Austin MC Problem Child came through and dropped some freestyle
DJ ROCK WELL on the turntables

Our friends Mary Anne and Kindsey (who took a few photos)
like this one...awesome.
Problem Child

este homie Juan Gomi
Victor of City of Hungry Ghosts

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