Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Redefining Time Recap- Rick Osborne and HOUR BAND

Rainy weather greeted us as we drove into Corpus Christi for the REDEFINING TIME art show and concert. Luckily the rain let up a bit as we made our way into the House of Rock to meet up with Austin rockers HOUR BAND. Hour Band had a great set as they debuted for the first time live a full 5 piece ensemble as opposed to the 3-piece it had been in the past.
As Hour Band rocked the main stage, artist Rick Osborne was poised atop the second smaller stage creating a piece of art which was raffled off later in the evening. The active multimedia projections of time lapsed paintings was really interesting and kept viewers intrigued.
Great weekend in the 361 despite all the rain, and our heroic escape back to Austin from floods.

To view more of Rick's work- visit the PRODUCE gallery downtown on Peoples Street, who incidently have a sweet neighboring boutique where they carry art books, streetwear, and a great collection of KAWS vinyl toys.

Rick raffled this amazing piece away to some lucky guest. I love that it looks like the last supper is happening on the flight deck of the death star or something...pretty interesting, and awesome. The piece is 4ftx8ft .
Rick Osborne's use of color is pretty intriguing.
Hour Band's Karthik

Arthur Vader

This Osborne piece which was being painted during the show was raffled off as well. The theme of "before the flood" was definitely stirring especially as the city was flooded two days later.
Matt of Hour Band

Jungle Art by Rick Osborne
Moshe of Hour Band

Barak of Hour BAnd