Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Keys and Krates- DJ ROCK WELL cd release party at COMPLETE

Heres some shots from DJ ROCK WELL's Cd release at Complete Clothing a week or so ago. We got some shots of the touring Keys N Krates ..who jammed pretty hard by the way, but had to leave before Rock Well got on the decks.
Anyways heres some shots of at Complete Clothing , where the release was, as well as some art we saw walking to the spot.


Zaul, Tommy Boulevard and them holding down COMPLETE CLOTHING

Keys n Krates doing their thing

Graffiti paste up by MEGS
Caught some cool street art walking down Guadalupe..this college are always has interesting walls to look at
Keys n Krates doing their thing- a keyboardist, drummer, and dj all with hints of samples and beat machines added