Thursday, June 10, 2010

videos from SXSW: 5th Street Cypher/One Take

Our pals at OFFSHOOT MEDIA just posted up some video from our super awesome 5th street cypher during SXSW 2010 at the FIFTH GALLERY.
Offshoot has been filming the past few One Take live mixtapes at the gallery and we are always impressed by their camera and editing skills. This one was a lil more hectic due to the volume of folk and excitement of SXSW but definitely is worth a watch and listen...check em out.

The videos feature dj work by DJ QUICKIE MART (NO, LA) and freestyles by , Dubb Sicks (ATX) , Existereo of Shapeshifters (LA), Gabriel Luna (ATX) , Japanese Jesus (ATX)s, Marv Won (Detroit), Monica Blair (Detroit), Phranchyze (ATX), Rio Data (SAN JOSE), Cadalack Ron (AX), Ro Spit (Detroit), Sertified of Die Slo (ATX),and ZEALE (ATX)


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