Monday, May 31, 2010

NEW ART and Gallery Shots

Sooo a friend of ours and former cool store owner came through today right before his move to Cali and dropped off a box of PHANTAZM gear and arts that were thought to be lost for years...and were well in fact lost for years.
Anyways- these long lost gems have now found a home at The 5th Gallery for the time being--in this box was deadstock PHANTAZM tees as well as these super mega awesome spray can sculpts which were hand painted by artist Solomon Perry. like whoaaah!!! anyways--yeah these and some new paintings now available at the 5th Gallery

These Phantazm Cans are great! all come with accessories like removable "grills"
Vintage piece, GUNS AND ROSES by Marc Zuazua
Those lil cans were PHANTAZM hand mades, JORDAN IV stencil by Marc Zuazua
Prints available from FAILURE 1, Deform and Erica Rodriguez

Tees from PHANTAZM, Face of Fame, Mofoz Visualz, and THIC Threads

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