Friday, November 27, 2009

Wingman-Going Back To Cali

...heres pics from last weeks litlle gathering we had at the gallery for  "The Going Back To Cali" sendoff of our friend and recent Fifth Gallery resident DJ, Wingman.

Wingman within his short stay in our fair city, easily taught upwards to 20 different random customers the basics of mixing and scratching records....real cool, some nights it seemed as if we were housing DJ 101 lessons.

Anywho-Wingman had a sendoff with a marathon DJ set that lasted from something like 3pm til about midnight. 
WINGMAN getting passerbyers to get up with the get down
KB the Boo Bonic spitting some freestyle over Wingman beats. KB actually rolled in with 1 of 2 camera crews that rolled through the spot to film for various projects. More info on said projects when we get some video to show you.

Wingman and Aaron getting cuts in where they can
Our new Kansas City Friend and New Orleans Friend enjoying the beats
This was the starter menu if you was later followed by boxes on boxes of THE ONION pizza, vodka, brew and strawberry snacks..we know how to party, dont try this volatile mix at home.

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