Monday, July 27, 2009

Fifth Gallery at KIXPO 2009

Big ups to the Deadstock crew for throwing another great event in KIXPO 2009!

This was our third year showcasing at the event-each year seems to get better...although this year the show seemed a little smaller in respect that only the main room was used in the great venue that is LIFE (art gallery) in Deep Ellum, I noticed missing from this year also was the graffiti expo that they had last year, but honestly, most of the action is inside anyways, so Im guessing most goers didn't notice too much.

The sneaker expo also helped to provide money and new sneakers for a charity that helps to give sneakers to orphans and those that are in need of shoes---and by the looks of it some of these kids thanks to the help of KIXPO will be geared up and walking real nice.

All of these pictures were taken during the first 15 minutes of the show, we were busy representing Mofoz Visualz and THE FIFTH GALLERY at our booth, and the high traffic and attendance made it pretty hard for us to get out and shoot flicks.

KIXPO is also famous for their awesome raffle prizes...about literally a billion of them. We spent 5 dollars on tickets-5 tickets and won twice! We came away with a tee, a skateboard deck, a poster, and a pair of Vans x Crooks and Castles kicks.
The prizes ranged from tees, to cd's, to sneakers, skateboards, fitteds, gift certificates...everything, with the tope prize being a FUTURA signed Limited sneaker (approximately over $800 kicks) ..that the GRAFWURKS crew went home with...anyways-enjoy the pics.

The sneaker themed cupcakes were on sale to raise money for sneakers for orphans
These handpainted caps were done by Unkommon Kolor who also had some great tees
Great artwork by NATURE KICKS
Dallas hip hop shop Rec Shop repping with graf supplies and tees.
THE FIFTH GALLERY and Mofoz Visualz repping the ATX with custom kicks, artwork, and gear
Transforming thats whats up

Airica of Mofoz Visualz holding it down
The homie Daggz repping San Antonio's premier hip hop shop, THE YARD with fresh fitteds and vinyl toys. THE YARD has some very cool stuff coming up with Montana paint -I wish I would have had my camera for their amazing promo van that is painted by SA artist, will surely cause a wreck or two.

Dallas based INDUCE clothing showing their new line of tees
Our favorite Dallas sneakershop ADIKT slangin kicks
Unkommon Kolors amazing caps

John repping for SHOGUN boutique in Dallas opened up a few months ago and were at Kixpo slanging awesome limited tees and Sneakers.

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