Thursday, July 2, 2009


Heres some shots from this weeks Bender Blender. Bender Blender is a weekly event at THE FIFTH GALLERY hosted by Strange Powers. The Wed. night circuit bending workshop is from 7pm-11pm and invites fans of noise to break apart all manner of electric gizmos to rewire and essentially bend the circuits to create different noise and lighting effects.

-every Wed at the come through next week and be amazed.

Cool number thingie- you can see the stacked #'s made of wire that light up when wired
rewired and pimped drum machine
The FIFTH GALLERY ATX...thought you knew

Line drawing done by Marc Zuazua of Mofoz Visualz previous in the day

Thomas of BleepLabs
STRANGE POWERS Reworking the keyboards
Sautering fun

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