Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So Sunday was our first open drawing session, and we had a great time meeting and drawing with other artists. We will be having a monthly DRAW session, the next one will be on Sunday, July 12th.
Anyway--heres some pictures of the art and the artists doing their thing.
Drawing by John Gomi
Drawing of Airica by Marc Zuazua of Mofoz Visualz

Drawing of Marc by Airica of Mofoz Visualz
Rob drawing the new fashioned way
Devin of Spicy Donut mechanical pencil drawing
Airica getting down
Drawing by Marc of what would truly happn if a ninja and pirate were to fight
Devin did some really nice marker work also

John Gomi putting a sharpie to work

Krink Art Markers in stock at THE FIFTH

Marc Zuazua fine lining

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