Sunday, April 19, 2009

pics of 4/17 Fridays at The Fifth funk session

Fridays at The Fifth 4/17 edition...

so Facebook confirmed guests this week were up to like 30 or something...actual guests...a shade under 10 probably haha, but although the rains in Austin friday night may have gotten some a lil cozy at home, John Gomi and company created a funk filled jam session that rang through my head for hours after the session ended.

Good week we will be calling every "confirmed" guests with a link to their FB so that you guys and gals can jeer and send them hate mail...or not...just an idea.

Heres a few shots from the weekend. We got a new lens so we were testing it out
John Gomi open jamming at THE FIFTH GALLERY

Joel Irdbisa at THE FIFTH
This shot was taken with no flash..i like.
The homie Gabriel came through and spit some hot lyrics

the always dapper Aaron (photo by Krishna)

Krishna twisting fingers

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