Saturday, March 7, 2009

a Friday ay the Fifth

well this wasnt an official FRIDAYS at THE FIFTH (open jam) , it was still officially a friday, an we were at the FIFTH. We were hanging art for the very upcoming and impressive SXSW 2009. We as a gallery are gearing up for "5XSW" . 

The Fifth Gallery will be hosting events and have  sick line-up of musicians and artists coming through to do their thing...announcements soon. enjoy the flicks.

Art by Lucas Negrete
Mosha of Hour Band
Phranchyze looking on - his new album "Errybody Hates Me" will be released at SXSW
DJ Rockwell rocking well.
Lucas Negrete hanging art at the Fifth
Dok Holiday's sweet tattoo
New friends of John Gomi

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