Tuesday, March 24, 2009

THE FIFTH at Plutopia Party during SxSWi

So after a full day and night repping at Bar Camp during SxSWi, we held down the gallery during the day and ventured to the big party at Palmer Events Center to set up and promote the art gallery. The homie and resident artist John Gomi was manning the decks and spun for the festive and interesting crowd.

From what I gather, Plutopia is thrown by the same good folk that do The Burning Man festival...could be wrong, but it definitely did have a very communal feel, and we met a lot of cool people...and even rode on a 6 man rattlesnake bike..which was cool. good times.

Mofoz' Airica getting her flower paint on during the open painting session

I loved this woodgrain piece..grippin grippin grain

I am a fan of barcodes and this etup was cool

If you used the scanner to scan different parts of Andy Warhol it would cause different cans to tip over and pour soup

Scanning various Bruce Lee barcodes caused different fight scenes to play on the monitor

The freakshow was awesome!!!

These folk were really feeling Gomi's music...i dig dude, but these folk were feelin him

Airica slangin product from THE FIFTH

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