Sunday, January 25, 2009

Probable Cause Art Show day 2

Probable Cause Art show @ The Fifth Gallery: Day 2

heres some pics.

Indio 1 spit some nice freestyles while DJ's Boozwa and Soulbomber kept the beat going. Check out his music studio within Blindside Tattoos on S.1st
Zeale 32 came fresh from the stage of the KRS 1 show to freestyle the sickness. He just dropped an amzing mixtape mixed by Rapid Ric. check out Zeale's site at
We have pictures of his performance at the KRS-1 show on the official Mofoz Visualz Blog.
El Uno Nueve showcasing artwork

DJ Boozwa manning the 1's and 2's
Cute couple
Steven of Southern Draw and resident artist Lucas -peep the embroidery that Lucas did on that sweatshirt--unreal.

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temple 7e said...

...absolutely love your spot! extremely fresh! keep up the good work!...peace...-Muluc