Saturday, January 10, 2009

Austin Art and Music and Fifthing at the Fridays the way we do

Another Friday at The Fifth come and gone --Thanks to everyone that came through to check out the art, spin some records, rip the mic, or just hang out and dance and chop it up.
These Fridays have always been a good weekend release for us all the artists involved, and they continue to get bigger and more creative...Big ups to JAZZ ONE the Louisiana mad man (that made 2 in the building) for coming through and sharing stories of the Scion Hypeman contest and such.

..and just a reminder to mc's that want to spit, dj's that wanna spin, beatmakers that wanna beat some pads on this open jam--message us to get more details 

Marc of Mofoz Visualz and John Gomi

Downtown Fifthing it up
Candid shots of Karthik and Mosha of Hour Band
Mike in the house sporting the Mofoz Visualz KRUNK tee

Airica of Mofoz Visualz
Some of our newer art fans- good peeps
John Gomi thumping some straaaangs
Jazz One dropping heat

Joel always killing the keys...he was sampling Jazz One and putting the vocals through some shit-awesome effects

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